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High Performance Optics in a Suit of Waterproof Armor


At Explore Scientific, we believe that equipment shouldn't get in the way. Whether you're exploring the depths of the mighty ocean or the magnificent canopy that is our Universe, tools that do their job and do them well, without problem or difficulty, are essential to your success and enjoyment.


Explore Scientific eyepieces were designed and manufactured with just that thought in mind. By designing eyepieces that are easy to use, comfortable to look through, and protected against everyday (or every-night!) mishaps, you can get down to the business of exploration and discovery…and that's what it's all about!


Explore Scientific Eyepiece Have Features You'll Love!


Heavy Dew? Unexpected Rain? Spilled Coffee? You might have to scramble to protect your telescope and other equipment from threatening liquid invasions, but don't worry about your Explore Scientific waterproof eyepieces…they will be just fine! All Explore eyepieces include a housing that is fully waterproof and fog-proof. Dew won't seep into the optics and cause damage, and neither will rain, soda, coffee, or any other liquid.


Explore Scientific Eyepieces are Easy to Clean! Dirt happens. You don't have be afraid to use your eyepieces or to share your views with others when you choose nitrogen- or argon-purged waterproof eyepieces from Explore. When it's time for a good cleaning, simply hold your Explore Scientific waterproof eyepiece under running water or submerge it in a water bath to wash dust, dirt, and other loose particles away. If smears and smudges from eyelashes, fingerprints, pollen, and other "sticky" materials remain, use a liquid lens cleaner to remove them. No more worries about the cleaner seeping into the elements! When your optics are clean, a final rinse in distilled water and a drying with compressed air is your surest way to produce a squeaky clean eyepiece. See the "Cleaning Explore Waterproof Eyepieces" below for more information.


We Stand Behind Our Products! All Explore Scientific eyepieces purchased in the USA are covered by the Explore STAR Warranty, and if we do say so ourselves, it is one of the best in the business. Once you have registered your purchase, your new eyepiece is under warranty forever! You can even sell, trade, or give away your eyepiece and upon notification to our customer service department, the warranty will transfer to the new owner. On top of that, owners of Explore Scientific products benefit from our exclusive Anytime Free Service, you can send it to us for professional servicing at no charge…you just pay the shipping.

Explore Scientific Waterproof Eyepieces


Cleaning Waterproof Eyepieces


While a few dust particles on optics will not affect visual or photographic performance, there comes a time when your eyepiece will become dusty or dirty enough to affect contrast. When cleaning your standard eyepieces great care must be taken to keep water or other liquids from seeping into the elements, but not so with Explore Scientific Waterproof Eyepieces. Since our eyepieces are completely waterproof and fog-proof (we test them by submerging in one (1) meter of water for thirty minutes), they can be washed under running water, and optical cleaning solutions can be applied directly to the optics without worry. Remove the soft rubber eyecup and use the same techniques that you would use to clean a telescope's primary mirror. After a final rinse in pure distilled water and dried with compressed air, you can clean these eyepieces with professional results to the very edges of the external lens elements.

Explore STAR Forever Transferrable Warranty


Explore STAR Warranty


We are always striving to improve the quality of Explore Scientific eyepieces and to enhance your experience as a user of our products. This is why we created the Explore STAR Forever Product Warranty Program.


Explore Scientific branded products sold in the Americas, Japan, and Australia are under warranty forever from our USA facility. The no fault, transferrable warranty is good no matter how many times it is sold or traded to another individual..


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