Explore STAR Transferrable Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty

People are instinctively curious and the need to explore is innate. When someone starts to learn the distances, size relationships, and dynamics of other planets, nebulae, stars, and galaxies as they gaze directly at them through a telescope, paths to understanding our universe from a broader perspective gains greater clarity. Often an enlightening, and sometimes euphoric feeling is experienced.

A similar experience has been reported by some astronauts during spaceflight while seeing the Earth from orbit or from the Moon's surface... they call it the "Overview Effect", and it's a pretty good description of the transformation that many amateur astronomers have had.

The products and services that we provide is meant to be used as tools to help you achieve a real transformative experience. Only you will know when it happens, but when it does, we encourage you to be resolved to share your knowledge and experience so that others can begin the journey for themselves.

So our mission is clear, and above all else, our company is resolved to continual improvement in service, support, and product reliability and design, because we know that this is what it takes. Our products, service, and staff are here to nurture those who are just embarking and to create sustainability for those who are deep in their personal voyage of exploration.

This is why we have created Explore STAR, our program for satisfaction, our exclusive fully transferrable unlimited lifetime warranty, anytime free service, and repurposing product that is returned for our trade-up program.

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