Bresser 8MP Game Camera w/ LCD Preview

by Bresser
$ 179.95


Whether it’s a deer perusing the offerings of your food plot or a potential intruder casing your home, the activities that happen on your property when you’re away can be important to track. By documenting the elusive, a game camera can serve as your eyes on the ground and keep you in the know no matter how long you are gone.

Offering reliable surveillance without constant hands-on management, Bresser game cameras provide valuable photos and videos that can be used for a range of purposes, from pre-season scouting to predator management to improving home security. Because it can be programmed to trigger by motion sensor, timer or both, the Bresser 8MP Game Camera has the versatility to meet all of your needs whether you are watching for wildlife or trespassers.

When set to detect motion, this model uses a passive-infrared sensor with a 1-second trigger time to capture date and time-stamped images almost instantaneously. Working with the camera’s 52 degree field of view, this sensor has a sizable detection range of up to 24 yards, and it can be adjusted based on three levels of sensitivity, which allows you to control your camera™s response based on environmental factors like wind or temperature.

Capable of generating sharp, color images of up to 8 mega pixels during the day, the Bresser 8MP Game Camera uses infrared LED flashes to produce equally superior, monochromatic ones at night. You can even set the flash range to reach as far as the motion sensor detection range. This particular Bresser model can be easily programmed to snap anywhere from one to three photos when triggered or to record up to 1 minute of video. Later, you can quickly review these images or video segments on the camera’s 2-inch LCD color display screen without having to remove the user-supplied SD card or disrupt camera placement. The device also comes with RCA cables and a USB cable to provide additional viewing options.

Encased in a sturdy, weather-resistant housing that is easily camouflaged, the camera is designed to be left unattended for weeks or months at a time. With that in mind, it has a sturdy mounting strap with a python lock that provides added stability and gives you assurance that your camera will stay on target for as long as you need.


Item Number GCLCD8MP
Field of View 52°
Response Time 1 second
PIR Sensitivity High, Normal, or Low
Display Screen 2" LCD
Video Size 640x480 or 320 x 240
Triggering Interval 1 second - 60 minutes (programmable)
Video Length Per Trigger 1–60 seconds (programmable)
Interface SD card, USB, TV Out
Operating Humidity 5 - 90 percent
Color Preview? yes
Image Sensor 5MP (Interpolate to 8MP)
PIR Sensor Multi-Zone
IR Flash Range 15 yards or 24 yards (Programmable)
Picture Resolution 5MP, 8 MP
Operation Day/Night 24 hours
Number of Photos Per Trigger 1–3 (programmable)
Power Supply 8 AA batteries
Operating Temperature -4° - 140° F
Color Preview, Images and Video? yes
Weight .53 lb.


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