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131st Global Star Party - "The Voyager Effect" - Explore Alliance

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September 12th, 2023
Times are in Central Daylight Time and UTC
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Scott W. Roberts

Scott W. Roberts

Explore Scientific

Explore Alliance


6:00 PM

23:00 UTC
David H. Levy

David H. Levy

Jarnac Observatory

"Commentary & Poetry"

6:05 PM 23:05 UTC
Dr. Linda Spilker - JPL/NASA

Dr. Linda Spilker

Voyager Project Scientist


6:15 PM 23:15 UTC
Astronomy Magazine's David J. Eicher

David Eicher

Astronomy Magazine

"NGC 7789"

6:35 PM 23:35 UTC
The Astronomical League - Don Knabb

Don Knabb

Astronomical League

"Sun-Like Stars in the Milky Way"

6:50 PM 23:50 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Maxi Falieres

 Maxi Falieres 

Explore Alliance Argentina

"Astrophotography to the Max"

7:05 PM 00:05 UTC
Explore Alliance Feature Video/Break 7:20 PM 00:20 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Molly Wakeling

 Molly Wakeling

Explore Alliance USA


7:30 PM 00:30 UTC
Kelly Ricks - Artist and Astronomer

Kelly Ricks

Explore Alliance Ambassador

Artist - Deep Sky Kelly

8:00 PM 01:00
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Marcelo Souza

Marcelo Souza

Explore Alliance Brazil

Sky's Up Magazine

Louis Cruls Astronomy Club

8:20 PM 01:20 UTC
Oded Ben-Horin - Professer HVL Norway - Global Science Opera

Oded Ben-Horin

HVL Norway

Global Science Opera

8:30 PM

01:30 UTC


Explore Alliance Ambassador - Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves

Explore Alliance Ambassador

Postcards from the Moon

8:45 PM 01:45 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Pranvera Hyseni

Pranvera Hyseni

Understanding Hydrated


A Conference Update





Explore Alliance Ambassador - Steve Siedentop

Steve Siedentop

Explore Alliance Ambassador

 "Peach State Stargaze"

9:00 PM 02:00 UTC
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jon Schwartz

Jon Schwartz

Explore Alliance Ambassador

The Ultimate Star Party

9:15 PM 02:15 UTC

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