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    Starlight Festival at Yerkes Observatory

    What a crowd! What a good time!

    We were amazed by the big turnout and blown away by how blazing hot it was. The forecast was for rain and thunder storms, but somehow, it avoided us the whole weekend. The event was incredible and filled with amazing speakers, STEM events, vendors, food trucks, a beer tent, hot air balloons, rocket launches, tours of the observatory and glimpses through the 40" refractor. 

    In continuing the celebration, Yerkes has extended the opportunity to tour and view through the Great and Famous 40" Refractor. 




    Explore Scientific Days 2017 - Yerkes Observatory

    Yerkes Observatory - Explore Scientific Demo Days: We had some crappy weather the first couple of days - a cloudy and rainy Friday, a nice sunny Saturday but a cloudy Saturday night. Sunday was nice after a brief shower BUT Sunday night was extra special being able to look through our scopes on the lawn of the famous Yerkes Observatory. I'd guess we had over 200 people stop by over the weekend and say hi and talk with us about our instruments. Some came as far away as Iowa to see us. We made some new friends and had a great time. 

    Explore Scientific Days 2017 - Yerkes Demo Days

    Here we are setting up for our Explore Scientific Demo Days at the world famous Yerkes Observatory. Along with the video of the setup outside, you will see what the newly added Yerkes Gift Shop inside the Observatory.